Stand apart!

I am standing here In my greatness! I owe my light Being so fearless As I am cruising Into the sea With thousand stars My raising heart Gives the grace To heal my scars!

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The sunshine blogger award!

Hey everyone! I’m very glad to announce that I’ve been nominated for The Sunshine blogger award by swathi, trending thamizha. We both are proud thamizhachis❤ Swathi is an amazing writer. Her blogs are so beautiful and thoughtful . Once again I pay my gratitude to swathi because this is my first nomination so it really […]

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Bewitching eyes!

Everything lies Not in what I see but on How i see things Change the perception To see miracles to take place Beauty is in the eye of the beholder So to see beauty in things Be the beautiful beholder 😉

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Make a move!

Do what you love And love what you do Without your flaws You wouldn’t be you! Hear the applause Waiting for you With a smile in your face Its time to make a move! ~ Priyanka❤

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